Thursday, January 19, 2012

Educational Toys: Making Learning Fun for Children

Making learning fun has been a topic of discussion within the educational field for many years. Children seem to be less focused on learning tasks, leading to case studies for learning disabilities, as well as showing more interest in video games and sources that provide very little in the way of educational purposes. However, learning centers are a teaching method that has found a way to make learning fun for children by using educational toys .

Learning centers vary based upon grade level, student needs, teaching styles and other factors. It is very likely that no two centers look the same, but will typically focus on similar goals. Centers are designed to reinforce prior learning in the classroom, challenge students with new ideas or skills and to allow student interaction and fun. Learning centers take a holistic approach to teaching.

Teachers likely take varying approached to implementing learning centers in their classroom, but they will typically include a few key elements. There should be 3 to 4 centers throughout the classroom, students will work in groups at each center, at least one center should include educational toys and students should be working on prior and new skill sets. How these centers will look more specifically, depends on how the teacher evaluates their students.

Educational toys are a great resource for making learning fun. They work great for classroom settings, as well as continuing learning at home. Because there are educational toys that really are fun, children will enjoy playing with them on a regular basis. 

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