Friday, October 14, 2011

The Importance of Educational Toys That Promote Arts and Creativity

Children who are introduced to the rich experiences in learning through interacting with artistic elements typically develop a number of skill sets important for lifelong learning. However, the No Child Left Behind Act has put more emphasis on students learning math and language, than to focus on specialty classes such as art and music. Still, 91% of schools in the country are teaching the arts, though all don’t receive the same funding for their programs.
The reality is that all schools aren’t created equal. It’s important that parents help to facilitate learning within their homes. Many educational toys promote arts and creativity, which can help your child round out the learning skills they might not be while in school.
There are a number of skills and abilities that are proven to be more developed in children who are involved in the arts. Some of which are: visual-spatial abilities, self-criticism, reflection, critical thinking and the ability to apply what they’ve learned from mistakes. These are skills that are important for lifelong learning and development, yet are ignored to certain degrees because of teaching to the test practices in the classroom.
Providing your child with educational toys that encourage arts and creativity gives them the opportunity to build upon these skills and areas. There are a number of studies that even show children who take part in the arts usually test with high marks on standardized testing. Allowing your child to create and further develop crucial learning skills will only benefit their learning abilities. It is important that your child has the ability to interact with educational toys which promote the arts and creativity.

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